Actions and events

Advertise your Products & Services and only pay when any of these Events or Actions occur

Cost per download

1. Cost Per Download (CPD)

Cost Per Download (CPD) If you have a piece of eBook or software that you want to promote, you can create an Ad and promote it across our Ad network. You set your Cost Per Download (CPD). You will be charged that amount for every download. NO Download, No Charge from your Account.

Cost per sale

2. Cost per sale

Cost Per Sales (CPS) If you have a Products that you want to promote and Sell, you can create an Ad for this Product and add the Cost you are willing to Pay per Sale. Once it's Live across our Ad Network, users will start seeing it and click on it to buy. If they buy, we charge you the amount you set. If they don't buy, your Money remains intact.

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3. Cost Per Registration (CPR)

Do you want New Customers to Register on your Website? Create an Ad and set the amount you wish to pay per Signup. Only Pay when a user successfully signs up on your site.

Cost Per Email Lead

4. Cost Per Email Lead (CPEL)

Do you want to capture Emails for your Email list or you want to capture a certain data through form submmission? Create an Ad for this, set your cost per submmission and start capturing your data across our Ad networks. Your Account will only get charged on every successful submmission

Cost per click

5. Cost Per Click (CPC)

Do you need Traffic to your Website or Landing Page, create an Ad and set your Cost Per Click. Anytime users successfully clicks that link to land on your website, you get charged, else your money remains intact.

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6. Cost Per Call (Cost Per Call)

PDo you have an Offer where you need interested Prospect to Call you for negotiation and more details. Create an Ad about this Offer, set your Cost Per call and go Live across our Ad network. Once a Customer clicks the button and call you, you get charged, else your money remains intact. Learn more on integrating the Call functionality on your website.

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7. Cost Per Install (Coming Soon)

Only Pay for Successful Installations.


8. Cost Per Recommendation (Coming Soon)

Only Pay for Recommendations.